Anja’s and Mike planned their wedding long ago, it was supposed to be a short but beautiful ceremony in the old castle call Macdonald Norwood Hall Hotel. Yet these intricate plans are spoiled by the plague? We did not expect that when signing the wedding contract, nothing would be as simple as we thought. Every detail would be discussed in detail, the ceremony was to take place in a beautiful interior … and yet not completely. It started with the wedding being translated several times because of something none of us could have expected in the 21st century, the plague. So we postponed the wedding, because of lockdown, because of the need to perform tests, but that was not the end of our adversities. When I was ready to go on the commission, it turned out that the son of the bride and groom must have tests and the wedding must be again [scattered from Friday to Saturday. We were full of hope that everything would take place on the final date … And it did.
But unfortunately, due to the plague, we were ordered to put on the masks during the ceremony, so Anja decided that we should take everything outside, because there might be no masks. In Scotland, an outdoor wedding sounds like trouble, especially in late summer and fall, it always rains. That day turned out to be kind to us, it shone a beautiful sun and until the end of the ceremony it was with us, just like delicious moods. Even the bride and groom’s friends surprised them and transferred some German traditions to a Scottish backyard. Anja and Mike had to pass a sheet with their names on them as a sign of their enduring and cooking love. After that champagne in the garden, why not?