A story written with love and driving force was supposed to happen to me at Agata and Hubert’s wedding. Already meeting these couples at the pre-marital meeting and discussing the details, I knew that without a motorbike this story would not take place. Hubert and Agata are passionate about old cars and motorbikes, so it is logical that here without a session on a motorbike in the open air will not take place. Scottish castles, Scottish beautiful beaches, and the old motorbike … this is what people like me like best. Bust let us start from the beginning. This story did not start with Scottish cliffs, but with a beautiful ceremony in a conservatory, among the wonderful exotic tortures and other plants. Agata and Hubert said the sacramental “yes” to each other in the winter garden in Aberdeen, in Duthy Park. Surrounded by greenery, in a Park in the Granite City of Aberdeen a family history began, which is written with love for heavy music and heavy old bikes, so a solid start and the foundations for a love for a lifetime. The wedding session of this couple took place twice, once during the ceremony in green park … And the second, more on that later.
After the touching ceremony, a beautiful celebration among the unearthly fragrant flowers, we drove to the hotel, where he stole the entire wedding cake from the show. Unique, inspired by the music that Agata and Hubert listen to. I accompanied them for a moment on this most important day to leave the company and meet at 5 am the next day, at sunrise. Dunnottar Castle a ruined medieval fortress located upon a rocky headland on the northeaster coast of Scotland, about 2 miles south of Stonehaven beautiful weather welcomed us. Surrounded by cliffs, with the dog of my clients, we set off to capture these moments at sunrise. at the beginning I was afraid of the German Shepherd at the wedding session, but it turned out that it perfectly matched the script. Against the background of the historic castle, where Robert the Bruce used to visit, we captured love and moments in the frame.